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The autoheader program can create a template file of C ' #define ' statements for configure to use. It searches for the first invocation of AC_CONFIG_HEADERS in configure sources to determine the name of the template. (If the first call of AC_CONFIG_HEADERS specifies more than one input file name, autoheader uses the. Tell autoheader to include the template as-is in the header template file. This template is associated with the key, which is used to sort all the different templates and guarantee their uniqueness. It should be a symbol that can be defined via AC_DEFINE. For example: AH_VERBATIM([_GNU_SOURCE], [/* Enable GNU. 'cross': cross compilation issues; 'gnu': GNU coding standards (default in gnu and gnits modes); 'obsolete': obsolete features or constructions; 'override': user redefinitions of Automake rules or variables; 'portability': portability issues (default in gnu and gnits modes); 'syntax': dubious syntactic constructs (default).

Who's who. The software packages we are dealing directly with here are: GNU autoconf, GNU automake and GNU autoheader. Indirectly, we are dealing with the m4 macro processor, make (either GNU or BSD) and aclocal. We talk about GNU libtool too. Figure 1 gives an overview of what the programs do. The main input. After running a series of tests on the target system, the configure script generates header files and a makefile from templates, thus customizing the software package for the target system. Together with Automake and Libtool, Autoconf forms the GNU Build System, which comprises several other tools, notably Autoheader. However, the GNU documentation now recommends as it is more obvious which program should be used when processing it. The files perform the same purpose The autoreconf tool supposedly runs autoconf (and automake, autoheader, aclocal, autopoint and libtoolize) as necessary. Sometimes it works .

2 Why Should You Use GNU AutoXXX Tools? . The GNU Autoconf system consists out of a couple of programs, that finally create makefiles for your application. . #defines to be included in your config.h file, you have to define them in See the documentation of autoconf, AC_CONFIG_HEADER . autoheader. 6 Nov I had > already installed the debian developer tools in the build-essential > package (which includes GNU autoconf and autoheader) and the devscripts > package. Now I get this from make: As far as I can see, autoconf and autoheader are not includes in build-essential, nor does build-essential depend on. It runs autoconf (and autoheader, where appropriate) repeatedly to remake the Autoconf configure scripts and configuration header templates in the directory tree rooted at the current directory. By default, it only remakes those files that are older than their `' or (if present) `aclocal.m4'. Since autoheader does not.


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