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How to metadata in calibre

E-books come in all shapes and sizes and more often than not, their metadata ( things like title/author/series/publisher) is incomplete or incorrect. The simplest way to change metadata in calibre is to simply double click on an entry and type in the correct replacement. For more sophisticated, “power editing” use the edit. Sep 29, We've mentioned Calibre a few times before—it's a great way to convert ebooks to other formats, remove DRM, or just manage your collection. However if you have some books that are missing metadata, Calibre can download it for you. Open the book in Calibre's metadata editor, enter its title title and. Jul 3, Hello everybody. I'm using Calibre with Onyx Boox 60 ebook reader. Sending books on the device, Calibre stores also a file named "e" that appears in the book list on the reader. Is there any way to hide this file on the reader? Thanks in advance for your support. kilianto is offline.

Apr 29, Switching to Metadata. I was recently updating all my ebooks. I spent a good deal of time organizing all of my ebooks and updating the metadata to include series names and the number in the series. I also included a brief synopsis of each book and updated a few missing covers with a nice pretty picture. As you are on Linux, the way to do this is to change to the directory at the base of your library and do: find. -name "*.epub" -exec /bin/bash -c 'ebook-polish --opf=" $(dirname "$0")/" "$0" ' {} \;. This way you polish them all in one go. May 15, Calibre has an awesome feature known as a Plugboard. The plugboard exists exclusively to allow you to, on-the-fly, edit ebook metadata during the send-to- device and save-to-disk operations. Thanks to the magic of the plugboard you don't have to do annoying and time consuming things like hand edit.

Jan 8, The BN, Fantastic Fiction, Goodreads plugins are all designed to ensure that the metadata for your book is up to date. The metadata that Calibre will automatically pull for you includes “Title, author, series, tags, rating, description and ISBN.” When you import a book, that digital book will often come with.


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