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9 Feb Auto Promote mod for ULX Addon Features: Updated to GMOD13 Format. XGUI Menu Integration ULX Access Permission Enable/Disable Rankup Sound (Global /Local) Confetti! Option to disable auto demotion if current rank is higher than your hour rank. Requires: ULX/ULib UTime. Help/Instructions. 18 Oct 1. init - lua/ulx/xgui/server/ 2. fn - addons/ulx/lua/ulx/modules/ 3. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/ Keneric Aug 21, @ pm. Auto Promote seems to be conficting with xgui and I dont know how to fix it:steamsad. The xgui menu becomes. 30 Nov Ulx + ULib +. Current version of Utime HOW TO USE: You'll need superadmin (unless you have a rank that inherits from superadmin w/e), and go to Settings > APromote. Make sure it's enabled, and then you can start adding your hours to the ranks and such. Hour -1 means it's disabled and that.

15 May Download APromote for ULX Admin Mod by from - Originally uploaded by [eVo] Lead4u on 15th May am INFORMATION: APromote is a GUI based auto group promotion system for ULX admin mod that can be edited in re. Clear Embed Visit Save. UTime works now, but how do I change its position, everyone says it's somewhere different. But most people have it on the bottom right so when you look at someone you can't see their stats. Also both AutoPromote and APromote don't work, anything else that can auto rank up using UTime?. 1 Feb Hello, Basically create a system inside the vgui, that makes it so you can set a time for a rank and the person will earn that rank with the given amount of time they require. It would be similar to auto promote in ulx, but better. And make the time compatible with Utime. This plugin would be appreciated. I am a.

4 Aug I install it the way the files tell me to every time i have also tried just dropping it into addons and that has not worked either. autopromote/lua/ulx/modules where do i need to drop it or what do i need to do to it to make it work? Top. Bryantdl7: A semi-regular. A semi-regular: Posts: Joined: Wed Feb 2 Sep Auto Promote mod for ULX AddonFeatures: Updated to GMOD13 Format. XGUI Menu Integration ULX Access Permission EnableDisable Rankup Sound ( GlobalLocal) Confetti! Option t.


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