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Stag 4 lpg

Miniaturized Microprocessor Sequential Gas Injection Controller STAG-4 Plus has evolved from the tried, tested and reliable system STAG Plus. The modernized controller is fitted with updated software with an additional 3D graphical map, which allows the precise control of gas injection, depending on the rotational. 4CYL KIT: AC STAG QBOX Plus OBD, R01 Black, W01 up to HP. $. Compare. Add To Cart · ac stag qbox plus obd 4 cylinders ecu lpg controller with r01 hp reducer and w Quick View. 4CYL KIT: AC STAG QBOX Plus OBD, R01 Red, WBF - HP. $. Compare. Add To Cart · ac stag qbox plus obd. LPG temperature correction (for STAG Plus, STAG Premium only) .. 4. LED switchboard operation and acoustic signals (User Manual). 4) . When installing the STAG, STAG-4, STAG Plus, STAG Premium sequence gas injection systems, it is important to select the proper pressure.

Connection and Programming Manual for Stag‐4, Stag‐ plus controller (also availabl. What are the benefits of STAG autogas system? Improve your fleet performance with STAG! Savings. Flexibility. ECO friendly. Elegantly Simple. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8 STAG ADVANTAGE. Many years of experience and the professional knowledge of the personnel at AC SA, the manufacturer of STAG brand LPG/ CNG. AC Stag-4 is an autogas conversion system, provided by the Polish company AC. It is a favourite choice of many drivers due to its qualities and competitive pricing. This LPG System is suitable for automobiles, manufactured before AC Stag -4 Mini Kit upto 90 kW contains AC Stag-4 ECU, Tomasetto Alaska Reducer.


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