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13 Dec The personal universal translator has long been a dream of science fiction, but today that dream becomes a reality: Microsoft Translator now translates in-person conversations in real time with up to speakers using their own smartphone, tablet, or PC. This new feature allows people to communicate in. Translate instantly into 60 languages wherever you go. Carry on a fully translated conversation with multiple people at once, all using their own devices. Translate in the way that is most convenient for you: type, speak, or point the camera. Let the phone do the talking—text to speech lets you hear the translated words. Microsoft Translator has added new capabilities that allow users and developers to get artificial intelligence-powered translations whether or not they have access to the Internet. The new capabilities allow both end-users and third-party app developers to have the benefit of neural translation technology regardless of.

14 Dec To perform a translation, users can download an app for Windows, Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire; or they can join a conversation through the following URL: http:// As a user speaks during the conversation, the app will translate the words and display them in text on the other. 14 Dec The app allows groups of people who don't speak the same language to communicate. Image: Microsoft. Science fiction has moved one step closer to science fact, with Microsoft's launch of a universal translator, an application that allows conversations between groups of people speaking different. In all incarnations, though, a universal communicator is seen as alien and futuristic. But Microsoft wants to change all that. The Washington-based company has just revealed a new real-time speech translation tool that is set to be built right into Skype, and which can translate any foreign language into English in the blink of.

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual machine translation cloud service provided by Microsoft. The Microsoft Translator API is integrated across multiple consumer, developer, and enterprise products; including Bing, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Lync, Yammer, Skype Translator, Visual Studio. 13 Dec Microsoft's universal translator lets you start a conversation with participants and display translations in their preferred language in real-time. 18 May "We love the idea of the Universal Translator from 'Star Trek.'" Microsoft will be adding the new translation feature later this year as an upgrade to PowerPoint for the Office productivity suite. Following the update, you'll be able to select the language you'll be speaking while giving an online presentation.


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