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Evo wont text messages

My HTC EVO LTE won't send text messages. I can receive them very quickly, but when I try to send them, I get the clock symbol with "pending" as the status. It stays that way for hours and never sends. I contacted Sprint, and they couldn't figure it out. I've tried turning the phone off for a long time on two. 3 Aug This article helps troubleshoot text messaging issues on your HTC EVO 4G LTE. You may have text messaging issues if your device is: Unable to send or receive text messages; Displaying error codes or network messages when you try to send a text message. These steps help identify and resolve the. ok so im running cm7 rc4 ive noticed if i text like 3 messages in a row or 2 basically more than one they take a looonnnnggg time to send or most of the t.

I sent a text, and it never showed as sent in the thread. The recipient did receive the text, but the thread would not update sent or received after that. I closed out of messages, and re-opened it, but that thread will not load now. I have it set so that old messages do not get deleted, and that thread is at k. 10 Jun Hi guys, weird issue here but very very frustrating. When I'm scrolling up through a conversion to view old texts in a thread once I take my. 10 Jun I received my Evo Tuesday in the mail. I had my number ported over from AT&T Tuesday afternoon and my EVO activated. Since that time I have recieved only a few of the text messages being sent to me and some I send are not being received. For example: 1. I was having a conversation with a Verizon.

There are two scenarios for unable to send text messages. Case1. Network provider's service status. Case2. network operator's message centre number is either missing or incorrect. If your HTC EVO does not ring with incoming calls, double-check that the volume is turned up, the sound mode is set to normal instead of silent or vibrate, the phone is within network range and airplane mode is not selected. After you have reviewed your settings and restarted your phone, HTC recommends performing a .


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