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26 Des Teknikanalisis data menggunakanprogram ANATES penelitian soal UjianAkhirSekolah Produktif Pemasaran Kelas XII Pemasaran SMK Negeri 9 Semarang (StudiPadaTahun Ajaran /) termasuk kategori validitas sangat rendah (54%), tergolong soal tidak reliable (Alpha = ), daya. for the seventh grade students of junior high schools in Karanganyar in the first semester. The quality analysis with Iteman and Anates shows that there are only 13 test items (%) of the total items that (3) analisis kuantitatif dengan Iteman dan Anates menunjukkan bahwa hanya ada 13 soal (23,6 %). Conference Paper (PDF Available) · June with Reads ). The quantification limit was evaluated to be 1 ng per sample. The industrial process involves a thermoplastic resin and two additives, which are melted and extruded at approximately Isocyanates are skin and respiratory tract irritants and also strong.

30 items One of the goals of physics subjects in the curriculum of is that the students have the competency to develop the Mullis et al() stated that in TIMSS , the cognitive dimension are divided into three domains . analysis using the Anates V4 software, the value of validity of the item, level of difficulty and. implemented the curriculum or student has been learned about the concept that will be tested, have a SPSS Program Version 16 and ANATES Program Version with the result show the reliability and discrimination, and distractor analysis of each item have been measured by the ANATES version 0. 22 Apr Level of difficulty Problem. • Correlation item score with total score. • Detractors quality (Siswoyo). Figure 2. Interface software ANATES. 3. Results. The form of the test that used in theassessment of chemical literacy undergraduate students is assessment testlimited responsethat includes two types.

ANNUAL NATIONAL ASSESSMENT GRADE 6 MATHEMATICS TEST MARKS: TIME: 1½ hours. PROVINCE. REGION. DISTRICT. SCHOOL NAME. EMIS NUMBER (9 digits) CLASS (e.g. 6A). SURNAME. NAME. GENDER (✓) DATE OF BIRTH This test consists of 14 pages, excludi ng the cover page. MARKS. The teachers' PCK variable was obtained from the data of teachers' competency test in organized by the Education Quality Assurance Department of The results of calculation using the instrument reliability Anates Version 4 showed that the reliability of the instrument motivation to learn is by with a mean of. 10 Sep , Petition to Intervene, Motion to Dismiss and Comments of Tesoro Alaska Company and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, , TSO-AD4,


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