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Aug 3, Other Tools. modsecparser - Audit Log Trailer, inserts into PostgreSQL; ModSecurity Console - Audit Log Web Interface. Rule Sources. OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS) · Comodo Free ModSecurity Rules. © GitHub, Inc. Terms · Privacy · Security · Status · Help · Contact GitHub · API · Training · Shop. Mar 17, If you have more then 1 ModSecurity installation, you have undoubtedly run into issues with consolidating, analyzing and responding to alert messages. Yes, you can always reconfigure Apache to send its access/error logs through Syslog onto a remote, central logging. Jul 4, I love the command line, I do. But there are some tasks where this type of user interface is simply not enough. Monitoring ModSecurity is one of them. Sifting through gigabytes of log files looking for clues and trying to.

Jul 26, WAF-FLE is a OpenSource ModSecurity Console, that allows modsecurity admin to store, view and search events using a drill-down filter in a graphical dashboard . Feb 2, WAF-FLE (Fast Log and Event Console) is a OpenSource ModSecurity Console - which allows the modsecurity admin to store, view and search events. A web-console for managing ModSecurity events. The AuditConsole is a J2EE web-application which runs within a servlet container and is able to receive audit- event data from the ModSecurity module. Its primary purpose is centralizing events and indexing these within a database for easier handling and filtering events.

ModSecurity Console is a real-time monitoring and log agreggation solution for ModSecurity. It is a self-contained package (it consists of an event-collecting daemon, Web server, and database engine) written in pure Java (can be deployed on any platform that supports JRE or better). Features include secure log. Jul 27, WAF-FLE is a console for ModSecurity. It allows modsec administrators to view and search events logged by mlogc or mlog2waffle. The dashboard shows a graphical view of events, and when combined with the powerful drill-down filter allows quick searching for relevant events. Events can be viewed in. Sep 1, For the users of ModSecurity, the free ModSecurity Console remains the best choice for the handling and storage of audit log alerts. There's one problem.


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