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Minecraft xbox 360 secret base map download

Minecraft xbox 360 secret base map

I've been curious as to what everyones best secret bases are. YOu see for me it's an addiction. I love making hidden places, form underocean bases, to pond- hidden bases. To making GIANT empty useless structures with one hidden entrance somewhere around the entrance. Most bases I hold one rule. One is built into a horrible waterfall on my first map I have yet to fix, just simply a wooden door in the side leading into a cavern under my house with nothing in it as of yet, the second is on the same map and is just simply trap doors at the bottom of a well built to mimic the well of Luigi's Mansion, the only. 17 Apr One way to protect your house is to prevent people from knowing where your house is. The grace period of one minute may expose your secret passageway to other players. It is difficult . This secret door can be coupled with a piston and a wooden pressure plate to make your base hidden even better.

How To Make a Secret Base Entrance in Minecraft! [Xbox]. How to Make a Secret Bookcase Entrance in Minecraft! [Xbox] - YouTube.


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